“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and a life to everything” Plato.  

Altaura was born out of passion, knowledge and a desire to create synergy between brands, spaces and their customers. Creating a great story needs sound. It has the ability to immediately impact how we feel. We want Altaura to help brands solidify their identity and make people feel. We want to inspire people to spend more time connecting with brands they love, because those brands are becoming more conscious in the way they think, feel and behave.  

Where did this all start? From the age of 8, when my music teacher played me a clip of Smells Like Teen Spirit, I fell in love with anything related to music and sound. From being the iPod at the party, to DJ’ing, radio presenting, producing, composing and managing, music has taken me down many paths that have all led me into creating or being part of unique and memorable experiences. Those experiences were so heavily guided by a soundtrack that I came to realise the importance of the relationship between who we are and what we listen to. It took a lot of long nights, bad gigs and great gigs to start to untangle the fundamentals of how sound can change our behaviour and emotions. It effects all of us. 

The way we react to sound is complex and when the mood is right, memories, relationships and culture form. So how do we build a world where the atmosphere around us enhances our behaviour, rather than pollutes it? We have this constant barrier of noise subliminally effecting us and I think there is room to make sound healthier, more enjoyable and in sync with the rest of our world. 

Sound connects us to what we consume. Now more than ever, brands are the leading story tellers of the world, and consumers would prefer to purchase products and services from companies that reflect their own values and beliefs. This means that, brands now have to make lasting connections with their customers. In a world where it’s becoming easier to distance yourself from other people, perhaps this is an opportunity for brands to create more engaging stories and experiences.  

Our mission at Altaura is to connect people with brands and spaces. We will use sound to push our creativity to create experiences that turn into real stories. We will manage and supply an expert team of people partnered with constantly evolving technology to provide a service that is reliable, creative and forward thinking.  

This is the beginning of a journey that we hope you can be a part of and we are looking forward to creating new relationships and finding even more music. 

Doug Marshall